Polo Zealot Ponies

Posted on: May 27th, 2016 by Claudia

Polo Zealot School is up and running for the summer. The pony roster is burgeoning with new faces ready to train the next crop of players. Instruction is available weekends and weekdays. Email or call 503-927-2608 to schedule your introductory lesson and start your polo addiction!

Thanks to Mackenzie, Geoff and Melissa for the additions to the polo string.


Sabrina, left, and Sweet Pea share a tête-à-tête under the watchful eye of Frazzle. Sabrina is an Argentine mare, a gift from Geoff Thompson of Spokane.  Frazzle and Sweet Pea have been with Polo Zealot School for two years.


Sierra is an old hand at the game of kings. As the Polo Zealot’s first school horse, she’s started a lot of players. She sports the latest in pasture couture, the understated grass hat.


Heather is on loan from the Oregon State polo program and Melissa Joseph. She’s a veteran pony, experienced in the arena and outdoors with the sweetest disposition.


Tuff is the lone gelding in the crew of seven. He and his partner, Dixie, right, are Quarter horses and are solid ponies.


Dixie, and buddy Tuff, came to Polo Zealot School as their owner Mackenzie Martin adjusts to new motherhood with son Arlo.



























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