Polo – Finally!

Posted on: January 19th, 2015 by Claudia

The weather, the holidays and acts of idiots be damned – polo is back!

 It may have been pouring down rain on Saturday but that didn’t dampen the spirits of Cameron Liberio, Bob Grant and James Daugherty for their first polo lesson of 2015. All three started polo last year but hadn’t played since the fall.

Everyone got re-acquainted with wrapping legs and tying tails before mounting up for a review of polo position and mallet strokes on the offside and the nearside, forehand and backhand.

That done, it was on to the main lesson, a two-on-two scrimmage with the instructor. They alternated offensive and defensive positions, concentrating on minding the line and not fouling while passing the ball or defending against the player with the ball.

The lesson concluded with a question and answer session about line of the ball and proper player position. Everyone is eager for the next lesson on February 7.

 There was a great turn out for the afternoon polo practice. Ten hardy souls braved the downpour and brought their wooly ponies for the first six chukkers of 2015. Watch video of the action below.



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