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Posted on: August 14th, 2014 by Claudia

Rancho Poquito (white) and City Garbage (blue) charge down the field in Saturday's 2-3 goal game.

It was a capacity crowd at Tacoma Polo Club July 4th weekend. Every paddock and pen was filled with ponies for the Independence Cup. Twelve teams competed in two days of terrific polo. Thanks to all who came and all who worked to get the place ready. It wouldn’t happen without you. Andrew Towell photographed all the action with his usual excellence. Click here for a link to his photographs. On the heels of the Independence Cup, Polo Zealot School holds an introductory polo clinic this Saturday, July 19 at 10 a.m. Click here for clinic information and registration. Between the recycle run and garbage detail after the event, it was time to get the summer/fall stock of hay. I bucked a ton of orchard grass into the barn so the ponies will have plenty to eat by the time the pastures are totally grazed down. Fortunately, I stacked the twenty 90-pound bales before the heat of the day.

Sierra came home after seven weeks of recovery at Equine Medical Services where she received excellent care from Dr. Sara Perkins. Sierra wrangled with some barbed wire earlier this summer. She’s walking sound now. Time will tell if she’ll play this winter.

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